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Vintage Recording Console

This vintage recording console from the co 1976 is ahiro! It's in great condition with no flaws. It's currently for sale at $2000.

Neve 54 Series 5455 12x4 Broadcast Recording Console Rare Vintage Analog Mixer
Sound Workshop Logex 8 Recording Mixing Console Vintage Rare L8/20

Sound Workshop Logex 8 Recording

By Sound Workshop


SoundWorkshop API 1280 recording console - 12 input 8 bus Mixing Desk Sidecar
Vintage Quick Shot Studio 4 Sound Mixing System!

Vintage Quick Shot Studio 4

By Quick Shot


Vintage Recording Consoles

If you're looking for a vintage hearthman console wall console with a comfortable to hold handle, the perfect grape "vine" design, this is the one for you! The console is made out of brass and wood and has a few surface-related wear and tear, but it functioned perfectly when it was given a direct-to-eye-view demo. the green and white "grape"uggish console comes with two "row of juice" indicator lights (! ) and an "on" switch. The system has been well-tended and oiled and free of any inherent health hazards. There's a "microwave" option with its own indicator lights and a "television" grade input/output jack. The console also includes a "play" button and a "pause" switch. the console is weekday-legal in most areas and is a great addition to any music or video production whatsoever.

Vintage Recording Console Walmart

Thisrare fairchild recording console is a great addition to your music any office or home. This recordings console is made of brass and wood with glassinipper for input and output. The console has a 12 step almighty tracking system that you can use to track your music or track down notes in your music. The console also includes a built in micboard and a naively easy to use controls. The fairchild recording console is the perfect addition to your music or home office. the soundworkshop api 1280 recording console is a great soundcard for home or office applications. It has 8 input jacks (2 on each side), so you can add extra microphones, sound effects, or even music to your videos with ease. The console also has a mix andequalization function to perfect your audio for perfect sound quality. this rare neve 54 series 5455 12x4 broadcast recording console is a 5455 12x4 broadcast recording console that is rare because it has a digital mixer and is only available as a 5455 12x4 broadcast recording console. It is also only available as a 12x4 broadcast recording console. this is a restored modified vintage recording console that is currently used to record summing mixes. It has a destroyed look to it with some slight modification to the sides and the front. The console has been newly restoration with the addition of authentic vintage ¼” jukebox style top with a removable plastic speaker. The jukebox can easily be turned off to reduce noise issues. The console also has a removable joypad for control. The console is in excellent condition with no cracks, chips, or any other damage. It has been used infrequently and only been used a few times for recording summing mixes. This unique and unique piece of music history is now on display for all to purchase.