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Third Man Records

Dave chappelle tmr 846 lp third man records limited edition tri-color vinyl rare. This new release from tmr offers up a new colorway vinyledged with an 846 number! This album was authored by dave chappelle and is included everything from original cover art to bonus content including a live performance and an exclusive song "the e part 2". It's amust-have for dave chappelle fans and those who enjoy music.

Third Man Records Vault

We are excited to announce that our third man record vault is now open! This is an excellent opportunity for independent music creators to preserve their work and to get the exclusive rights to it. the third man record vault offers recording and distribution opportunities for your innovative music. It’s the perfect place to showcase your work and to establish your as the exclusive provider of this type of service. if you’re a creative musician, record a song today!

Third Man Records Vault Packages

Third man records is releasing a gatefold orig press 2022 third man records sealed. This press is feature jack white with his "blunderbuss" single and is filled withmemories and photos from his time at third man records. This press is alsoorthy of purchase for fans of jack white and his music. if you're looking for a place to keep your music while it's still within the bounds of the creative commons software, then third man records the vault is the place for you! This vault 40 collection from third man records is filled with rare and historic recordings from up-and-coming raconteurs like jack white. From their time in the early '00s on, the vault 40 collection is a time machine and show us what life was like for them as they came together to create their first album in 2006. From the vault, we can get a sense for what it was like for them to. 3rd man records nashville is back and better than ever with tmr vault 39 sleep live at third man records nashville 4lp ltd edition. This 10 song live album is the perfect way to celebrate the best and worst of tmr fans and will only be available during third man records nashville events. This was pre-order available now. this is an vinyl record that jack white third man records released. It is a white stripes record and it is etching and has a green light in the background. The song icky thump is etched into the vinyl record.