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Vintage Record Coasters

This is a unique and unique set of record stickers that are hand-made from a unique variety of vinyl records. They are perfect for any music lover or fan of the genre! The coasters are a great addition to any room or desk and are made from high-quality materials that will make your music listening experience richer.

6 Pcs Retro Vintage LP Vinyl Record Coaster 4

6 Pcs Retro Vintage LP

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Vintage Record Coasters Walmart

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Cheap Vintage Record Coasters

This novelty cup glass record coaster set is perfect for the entire family! The unique designs and colors will make your room look and feel new! Plus, these cup glass record coaster sets are also great for making unique presents! this album contains 8 coasters (although they will fit any type of record cup) for you to display your favorite song or record on. They are made of plastic, but can be made to look like any other cup without any changes. They are a great addition to your record collection or for future gift giving. our vintage record coaster items are the perfect way to enjoy a record without leaving the house! These coaster are a 4-pack which means you'll get back to old times like you're supposed to. The record is on a soft, white record surface which makes it easy to see. The sides of the coaster are made of reynolds sand and the end is made of hard plastic. It's a great gift for the music lover in your life! this is a great option for holding records or other records you might have removed from the playing field. The rustic looking design will make your music lovery home stand out.