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Yorx Am-fm Stereo Double Cassette Recorder/player

The yorx stereo double cassette amfm receiver record player is a great way to add some music to your handset without buying a music store. This player contains two cassette lieges, so you can record and play your music in two different ways. The player also has a built in microphone and speaker so you can enjoy your music while on the go.

Yorx Newave Stereo Record Player

Theorx newave stereo record player is a great addition to your music collection. This player features a new design that makes it easy to hold and is perfect for listening to your music. Plus, it has a built-in speaker that will let you listen to your music without ever having to take off your shirt.

Yorx Stereo Record Player System

This yorx stereo record player system is designed to help you play music. It has two cassette speeds, and can play either m2677 or cd-r or cd-rw records. It has a built-in speaker and an interference-free hearable noise level of 20 dba. The system can handle up to 2. 5 gigahertz sound with perfect sound quality. this is a great vintage m2677 record player that is for parts. This player has yorx's double cassette interface and is a great choice for someone looking for a record player. It also features a web-based user interface and a built-in microphone. this is a vintage m2677 single cassette recorder/player that is in good condition with noclosed circuit breaker. It has yorx's "amfm" sign on the front and it has yorx's "double" on the back. The front has 2leather carrying cases while the back has a plastic case. This is a great addition to any collection! this is a vintage m2677 stereodouble cassette amfm receiver record player. It is used but in good condition. It is just used up until now, it has never been used or opened. It is also just used up until now. It is now ready to be used with a single cassette in the front and a double cassette in the back. The front side has a microphone for recording and the back side has a cassette player. It is also wonderous to be able to record from either side at the same time. This is a great vintage yorx player/recorder in excellent condition.