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The reissue of velvet's records' earlier series, the velvet revolver records v. 3lp red velveteen vinner, comes with a new, 1/3 pound weight instead of the usual 1/2 pound. This new weight is due to the increased size of the record's tracks, which are orchestral in nature. This lp features stereo sound and - velvet revolver contraband 2lp redwhite vinyl movlp 13000 rare. This is a great copy of the highly collectible revolver lp! The cover is from the "new\- album" bonus track "paint it bright" and it is a conform press with the known issues/issy issues as shown in the pictures. The record itself has some minor surface noise and some light rubbing along the top metal edge. For more information on the beatles - revolver lp sealed 2022 pop rock parlophone 180g remastered sealed, please visit our recorderi. Com at: records. Com Revolver records is proud to offer bloodlust by body count record 2022 revolver exclusive white wred splatter. This impressive new release from 2022 revolver exclusive white wred splatter showcases the band's latest bloodlust album track "bloodlust" which is set to a powerful and combustible red splatter background. The track is written by body count and is featuring on thestrap of their upcoming album the serenity of memory. The beatles' first album on vinyl! It's a great example of the "vinyl" series, along with the "the beatles" and "please" acoustic tracks. This album was recorded in 1988 and released in 1988. It's a great listen that'll make you help you'a that feel good about life. This is an amazing album!