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Edison Records

Looking for some antique gold moulded record cylinders? look no further than edison records! These record cds are a must-have for any records lovers collection!



By Edison Phonographs


Edison Phonograph Records

The edison phonograph record was a type of record that was created by american inventor, james k. It was first marketed in 1887. The first versions were made of made with a recorded voice and sound, but with later versions having disc records instead of voice and sound. the phonograph record was originally a highly popular product, with many people using it to create sound recordings of their own music. In 1887, james k. Aeppli introduced the first records with sound. These were called "phonographs" and they were used to create sound recordings of music. The first platinum-level phonograph record was the first to be made with a platinum-level (most were made with a gold-level) recording. the first electric phonograph record was never made, but electric phonographs were sold in america in the early 1890s.

Edison Re-creation Records

This is an excellent edison re-creation records for anyone interested in pf history. The myona waikiki hawaiian orchestra 3274 y2 was recorded in 1917 and is a high quality recording. It is a 4m cylinder record and has a very high quality sound. thomas edison records began selling records in the early 1920s. By 1924, can play any type of record, regardless of brand, as long as it was made by edison. The first records to be marketed that way was gladys rice's marion cox records, which began selling in 1924 as a way to make a profit. edison record value edison record price edison record press edison record records edison record prices edison record sleeves edison records is a brand name for a few records stores in the united states that sell audio and video products related to the edison light bulb. The stores also sell records and records sets as well as wax cylinders andphonograph records.