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Rice Paper Record Sleeves

This is the perfect gift for the rice cooker lover in your life! This record sleeves are made of durable rice paper and protect the perfect gift with perfect sound. With our unique built-in record player, you can enjoy your rice cooker from the perfect position in your home.


Top 10 Rice Paper Record Sleeves

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Rice Paper Record Sleeves Amazon

This album sleeve is made out of 100 csp 12x12 vinyl (33rpm) lp and has a record album cover value of $100. Therecord albums sleeve company isicketsally new and has the track listing andazt content on its own page. The sleeves are perfect for holding music or recordbooks made from other types of paper such as paper thin paper or paper thin plastic. this rice paper record sleeve is a great way to protect your music from wear and tear! It is also an excellent way to add a bit of color and creativity to your sleeves. Made from high quality materials, this sleeve is sure to protect your music and make a great addition to your music reed items. rice paper record sleeves are perfect for protection of records from day to day use, or for storage. They are also easy to personalize and hold their shape over time. These sleeves make a great addition to any record collection. the perfect way to protect your music with these thick, 12 layer rice paper record sleeves. They protect the music inside and make sure it remains clean and clear when played. Plus, the high quality makes them perfect for any music audience.