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Peaches Records And Tapes Crate

Peaches records and tapes is a unique crate that holds up to 12 records and 10 tapes! The crate is a great way to store and share your vintage records and tapes. It's a great addition to any room and is perfect for the independent shopper or the retail customer.

Peaches Records Crate

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Peaches Record Crate

This is a great peaches record crate for your records and tapes needs! It is 8 track with a storage problem of 13 tapes. It is made from wooden material and can hold on average of 13 tapes. It is a great addition to a records or music collection. this is a crate that sells records and other records related items. The store is located 24th and w in downtown peaches. They offer sales from 9am to 10am and 12pm to 12pm. They also have a store on 3rd and e in the center of the city. this is a vintage peaches record crate! The vinyl is 8 track cassette with a crate design on it. The cassette is made of durable plastic and has a brown/green crate design. The crate is about 15" high by 15" wide and has a brown treat wheel on it. The tapes are made of durable plastic and have a brown/green tactic design on them. The tapes are about 9" wide by 7" high and have a brown treat wheel on them. The tapes have a large brown mark on the spine about how much power is inside. this is a crates for sale for your inspection at 12x5x4. 5, 5x4. 0, and 4. 0 inches deep. These are peaches records and tape storage crate 12x5x4. This is a great addition to any hoard or space-related activity!