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Keychain Audio Recorder

The keychain audio recorder is a perfect tiny little audio recorder for those who want to track down their secrets and investigate crime. This recorder can also play back favorite audio files by wake up call, voice or text input.

Voice Recorder Keychain

How to use voice recorder to make recordings without taking up valuable space in computer screen. Open the voice recorder and select the "record" option. Choose a size for the recording. How much time you want to use the voice recorder for. If you want to take future recordings with you with voice recorder, select "record as" option.

Key Chain Voice Recorder

The key chain voice recorder is a great tool for records and hear what people say directly from your hand. This voice recorder has an audio output for recorderi. Com or stored in your computer for future reference. The key chain voice recorder can also be used as an audio recorder to capture important conversations and transactions. the mini voice recorder keychain has a powerful recording feature that will not let you down. It has a strobe light to help you keep track of the conversation, and a recorderi. Com to keep it in place. The recording time is around 2 minutes, and the keychain can be / recorderi. Comized for easy storage. the voice recording keychain is a great way to keep track of your daily reports and conversations with your fellow employees. The keychain can be worn on the front or back of your clothing, and it has a built-in microphone and speaker. This keychain can also be used to record and play back voice and text messages. The keychain can be attached to your belt or shirt-sleeve, and it can store and access your voice and text messages with a few simple clicks. the keychain recording manager is a voice recording tool that easy to use. It can record a keychain item, or entire bag, on 8gb or 16gb of storage. The keychain recording manager can also easily be converted to a voice recorder.